There is a possibility to make some money is binary options. The whole system is tied to the actions of the stock market. Your part is to decide whether the shares rise or fall in a given period. There is no connection with trading on the stock market; you do not buy stocks. This process rather looks like gambling, like at poker slot machine. There are several sites on the net that offer this method of earnings, mainly in English, though there is also pages and websites that cover all areas of Europe and they also offers binary options. Like everywhere else it is necessary to register first. You get the opportunity to try the demo version first, but count on a safe contact you within the next 48 hours to confirm your registration and offer help or in some cases, offer a percentage if you pay a certain sum of money. Minimum deposit is between 20 and100 dollars, depending on the websites and the brokers that are dealing with your finance at these websites.


There are many options for the investment: binary options, couples, long term, short term 30/60 seconds, one touch and ladders. By selecting the call for growth and put for fall of the shares, then put the money on the share and if you win, you will get amounts to 65-85% of your amount you deposited. For example, a stake of 10 dollars you get 18 dollars. If there was no change or the value returned to the home, you get money back. In some options, there is the certainty to win back your lose amounts to about 10% of the investment.

Binary options: the minimum bet is around 25 dollars, and you have the possibility of choosing from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Another option is a choice between money, materials, indexes and shares. You should follow the diagram of the signal that shows the current trend of the relationship of money, materials, or stock index. Based on the trends you invest whether it will be the growth or decline.

Pairs: minimum bet is around 25 dollars, and the possibility of choosing the time is the same. You can choose between pairs that are offered such as a comparison between Apple and Google.

Long-term: minimum bet is the same, but the possibility of choosing is from 2 to 14 days. You also follow the diagrams and signals, but in these options looking at the things in the long term is much more important.

Businessman_pushing_graph_trade_stock_market_24option-840x30030/60 seconds: minimum deposit is 5 dollars, and the possibility of choosing is from 30 to 300 seconds. It is, some might say, the worst option because the values are changing rapidly and the system itself cannot follow because it happens that while you close your offer, changes in the value multiple times, so it happens very often that you lose money.

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Trading with binary options is slowly becoming a reality to the people who are interested in making some money online. Although it’s a simple process, many still want to find shortcuts to success. They are looking for advice from experienced users, best binary trading software, robots that will help you getting the right signals. In today’s article will be talking about these so called robots. These days we have few robotic binary options apps existing on the internet, but in spite of the details that many of them are okay, you will run on some which are untrustworthy robots whose main reason is stealing money from you. If you are the novice in the world of robots at binary options, I advise you to read more about this topic because you will be protected from internet scam. The robots are there to make money in circumstances in which people are not quick to take the gain. If you work with binary options, and you are trading with them, you should be familiar with the fact that there is no position in which you should neglect the use of the robot as a helpful instruction. It will aid you to get some high-quality outcomes earlier and work more competently. But, the most significant item for you is to pick great robot that is capable of building money-making funds. I will inform you the most significant sham signals, which will assist you to perceive roughly right away if the robot is fake or genuine.


Deprived website drawing and design; this is the first thing you should notice. Men that are making the scam or fraud do not trouble to use the occasion to make civilized sites. Typically, they perceive a chance to make quick cash and right away get the benefit of it. I advise being aware of the possible picture manipulations. Some unidentified frauds are using pictures that are worked through the computer program called Photoshop. While some pages are so incompetently completed that everybody can with no trouble observe that they are not reliable. However, if the page is trendy as pages of big businesses, it is possible that they have truthful goals.

Lack of information about robots qualities; if you cannot discover any info concerning to the robot’s qualities and features, it is possible that the qualities are terrible, or the robot is very easy. The worst thing could happen is that the only quality is that the robot cannot convince you that you will win some cash.

smartcitiesHistory of earlier trading; If there is no info about previous binary options trades, this is an enormous attention. You have to ask yourself a question about why someone would hide his previous experiences and winnings. This fact is just senseless. Many robots assure great incomes for people that are using this website, but when they seek to establish where incomes accurately came from, this is roughly not possible to conclude. The most excellent binary robots, maintain their history of trades obviously evident on their web pages.

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Every day you realize how much we still don’t know about all aspects of our lives. You think about your steady job about your family, and you don’t realize how other people with some other families are earning their money. That’s why I was confused when I heard that there is an option in which you can make money like when you place a bet, but with more guarantee for the win. I am talking about binary options trade.


It is roughly like put money on some bet (with same odds), in which you are thinking about benefit and whether it will raise or decline after a while. This so-called dual trading gives options for the market to control itself and gives a chance to restrain overpriced shares with talking about how some business will have decline or decrease in their at the stock market. In binary trading options, you are gambling the price of a particular asset that will rise or decline for the duration of a positioning stage. You have the comfort of meaningfulness that you know your risk and return right away before the deal even happens. Binary trading is an outstanding method to get hooked on the market with no a great spend of money or life savings required. Take benefit of the information offered on to get a better perceptiveness of binary options.

-Binary-Options-Day-TradingAs I already said, binary options are betting on a change of course that will give certain currency in a particular time about another currency to go up or down from the moment you put up the money. The advantage of binary options compared to the classic forex trading is a percentage of returned money, and that depends on of the broker, and it could be even up to 80% of profits from the invested money. Also, depending on the selection of a broker, you can input on the various ways that you can invest in the short term, and the shortest terms are 60 seconds 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Then you can invest in a predetermined period brokers or stock markets determine and also there is an option in which you could specify the period for which you want to insert into a particular option. There are still many products broker that did not use but in which you might be interested economically. This sounds simple but it’s not a simple game, and it’s not a game for small children because the initial deposit that you have to invest has the trading range from 100 dollars to 500 dollars. The stakes are high but profit as well if you are working and earning per certain rules and regulations.

Binary trading is simple. You can do this thing from almost anyplace, even at your place; earlier knowledge is not required. After you pick your broker, you can begin trading straight away by registering to the broker’s website, leaving cash, and start your calculation. The deal can be completed at any time, during the day or night. You can also decide whether to trade on the long or short distance or to be specific, with short term or long term binary options.

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We are all aware know of the possibilities that binary options are giving us. We learned the basics, but you are still not sure about all things related to this topic. Here are most frequently asked questions about binary options trading.

What is the maximum value of the investment?

This parameter will vary depending on the broker. The maximum you can invest per trade is usually about 1000 dollars. However, there is usually no limit to the number of trading that can be activated simultaneously. So if you want to invest 5000 dollars, then you can simply open five binary options with deposits 1000 dollars.


What is the minimum investment amount?

Again, this varies depending on the broker, but generally, the minimum amount of weight to be about 20 dollars.

What type of online action can be taken?

You can view and update account details, initiate binary options, please contact customer service, make a deposit and withdraw funds, or do a withdrawal from your account quickly and easily, plus more.


Do you need to download and install the software to store?

No. Most brokers give you the opportunity to trade on their web platforms. It means you do not need to download any software at all. Also, you can trade anywhere at any time by using a computer with Internet access.

What do I need to access my trading platform?

You must have a laptop, personal computer or mobile device with Internet access.

covered-call-strategy-840x300Can I register a multi-account with the same binary broker?

It all depends on the broker for whom you have chosen. It is best to check with the customer service that is responsible for the company’s clients. Again I mention it all depends on the concept of individual companies. Personally, I think that in most cases you could open the multi account.

Will all my Binary Options with whom I trade appear in my account?

Yes. Brokers update your account or an account with all the details that handle your trading in real time. You will easily find this information on their tasks in the sector called history.

Will I get a receipt when you activate a binary option?

Yes, your broker will provide you with this information setting directly on the screen. You will then know that your new trade is alive and active.

Can I see my personal account information?

Yes, all brokers will allow this option. Just log in to your account and go to the section that normally marks the My Account or similar.

Can I do the Update my account, if the need arises?

Yes, all binary brokers will allow you the ability of update to your account. Again, just locate the appropriate section after logging into your account. And then you will have the possibility to change some of the details. In most cases the broker will ask for verification of the details changed, depending on the importance of changed information. Confirmation can be sent to your e-mail address or mobile phone or fixed depending on the mode you.

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People frequently ask me what binary options are, and they are telling me that I know to explain this, for many complicated processes, pretty easily. That is why I chose to write something about it. Binary options are legal contracts that explicitly define the precise payment and return of funds to which you will be entitled upon expiry of your trading. While trading there is a deadline or expiry time.  It is the time when your trade of binary option ends. At that point, you will be notified if your trade has been successful or not, and whether you will get the payment or refund. For an example: You choose one day of timeouts and activate your binary option at 11.00 AM on Wednesday. 11.00 AM on Thursday is the period when your binary option expires. You will be then notified that you are eligible for payment or reimbursement.


If your binary options are closed in the foreseen direction and as a result you have a win when the time expires for the binary option, then you will earn money that can be up to 85 % of the amount you invested. This status is marked as in -the -money status. For an example: You bet on the currency pair EUR-USD (gamble) to 1000 dollars to 80 % of your role and predicting the price for the currency pair at the expiration of your options.

Businessman_show_positive_number_tax_man_finance-840x300Then you buy the option. When your options you have purchased close to the predicted price it means you’ve been successful and well you anticipate the movement of the pair currency EUR-USD. In this case, you earned 1800 dollars. However, there can be a loss as well.  If your binary option closes negatively after the expiry of time or closing of the purchased option, then you will get a refund, which can be up to 15 % of the sum you invested. The percentage of refund depends on of the binary broker through whom you deal. Maybe your refund money is lost, and maybe you will get a higher percentage of return. So, in this case, all the money that you invested in the purchase of options on where you are not well-anticipated price movement gets lost in that percentage for which you have chosen when purchasing options. So you need to be careful in case you did not specify what percentage you are refunded. This status is marked as out of money status. For an example: You have purchased a binary option and invested 500 dollars, with a subsidy or reimbursement of 10%. Unfortunately, your trading is not successful, and you lost 450 dollars, but you will receive a refund of 50 dollars.

It is important to choose the right broker. Your broker will provide you with comprehensive information which will help you to make the optimal choice. Also, many of them have their teams of professional traders who constantly generate top suggestions that show up on your trading platform. This information shows the latest recommendations from the true means to trade with the most current and longest time expires.

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